The Maruthi Delivery Model

Maruthi's vision is to empower each of its customers to achieve greater business efficiencies. This goal is achieved through a unique methodology that lowers cost while increasing the value of the total solution.

Global advantage - Value Additions

An Onsite, Offsite & Offshore execution methodology is built upon the Rational Unified Process (RUP). Essentially it is a framework for distributed project development, management and multi-location engagement teams.

The supply chain includes:

The optimal distribution of resources creates both high value and a lower cost matrix.

Fixed-time, fixed-cost - the Maruthi 40-60 advantage

Maruthi believes in no surprises in terms of the quality of the solution, timelines, or the cost. To achieve this objective Maruthi adheres to a two-step process:

This combination of methodology and process comprises what we call the Maruthi 40-60 Advantage. In practical terms, a software project's cost is reduced to 40% of an on-site execution cost and the time line is reduced by 60% of an average completion time. Even when compared to large application development companies the cost and schedule advantage is in the range of 50%.

The top line advantage - creating the partnership

As a strategic partner Maruthi strives to make every customer successful, not just through cost savings, but through increasing customer revenues. Through the knowledge and experience gained in the verticals of its expertise, Maruthi makes significant contributions in improving business processes through technology; positively impacting the bottom line.

Proof of performance - a blue-chip customer base

The Maruthi processes and methodologies have been effectively used to provide services to clients such as Delta Dental, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, and Visa International.